About Us

Heidi’s Raspberry Jam starts with hand selected raspberries grown in Corrales, New Mexico. The jam is made in small batches, by hand with loving care. I slowly cook the raspberries to a brief and delicate boiling phase. This method ensures that the precious vitamins and beautiful color of the natural fruit are preserved for your exquisite raspberry experience. I developed this delicious low-sugar recipe in my kitchen at home. This wonderful jam is inspected and approved by the State of New Mexico Environmental Department.

We have been selling our raspberry jam, fresh raspberries and cut flowers at the local Farmers’ Markets in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Corrales and Albuquerque. This direct marketing brings us in personal contact with our wonderful customers and has allowed us to make so many friends.

I use a blend of four varieties of raspberries. Each one selected for its unique flavor, sweetness, texture and color. I am an Organic Producer certified by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture. This means I use no artificial fertilizers and no pesticides or herbicides. I am committed to sustaining the land in healthy condition for future generations. Previously, I flood irrigated our raspberries from the Rio Grande using the acequia system. Due to an ongoing drought in the Southwest region of the country, I have converted to a drip irrigation system that makes the most efficient use of the precious water. I provide hives in the field for the honeybees which pollinate the delicate raspberry blossoms. A flock of native Rio Grande turkeys control the insect population amongst the hedge rows.

Corrales is a unique agricultural village farmed by small families who have been living here for generations. Located on the Western bank of the Rio Grande, Corrales has been farmed since 500 A.D. Back then the ancestors of the present day Pueblo Indians tilled the fertile valley. Subsequent populations of Spanish, French and Italian families settled here to raise grapes, apples, livestock and now RASPBERRIES! Having grown up in this special place has made my brother and I sensitive to the environmental needs of the world community and dedicated stewards of the land.