"A jar of your absolutely terrific raspberry jam was a wonderful birthday gift from my sister in Santa Fe. Since childhood, I've thought of raspberries as "mine" because the first ones in our patch in North Dakota generally ripened on my birthday. A taste of your jam is exactly like eating them off the bushes on a sun-warmed summer morning when the berries were still deliciously cool and full of flavor. - Amazing!"

Karen - Carbondale, IL


"I just wanted to write to you to let you know that your Raspberry Red Chile Ginger Jam is AWESOME!!! We used it as a marinade for pork and it woke-up our taste buds! It made the meal! We've also used it as a dip (with cream cheese) and our guests loved it too! It will now grace our table during Thanksgiving (move over cranberry sauce!)."

Susan - Albuquerque, NM


"I'm picky about food... quality, organic, and vegetarian for me.- Until now the only jam I ever kept around was my grandmothers homemade raspberry jam. But after spotting your raspberry red chile ginger jam on my aunt's shelf I couldn't help but be curious. One word response- AMAZING!!!!! I think I've found my new favorite food- and I've eaten in over 40 countries. :) This jam on garlic/herb goat cheese is absolutely incredible and you can be sure I'll be ordering some soon (this jar won't last very long at the rate I'm going).

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful thing. I'm recommending your product to all of my friends."



"Your Red Chile Raspberry Jam is so good, I'm sitting here eating it straight out of the jar! I just can't help it. Yum!! I hope you make it forever."

Erica - Albuquerque, NM


"Thank you so much for the delicious raspberry jam. I can't stop eating it!!!"

Charline A. - Los Angles, CA


"The Raspberry Jam is not only good, it is really excellent! Our children like it so much that we had to hide it!"

Kathrin & Dario Fumagalli-Bärtchi - Hotel Eden au Lac in Zurich - Switzerland


"My family and I have unanimously agreed that your Raspberry Jam is the best tasted yet. Thank you very much for the lovely and tasteful surprise."

Margrith B. - Australia


"... THANK YOU for your ... fantastic Raspberry Jam. We organized in our department a Heidi´s Raspberry Jam Breakfast Party."

Bernd Dahlinger - Germany


"I wanted to tell Heidi that her Raspberry Jam is the best Raspberry Jam on the planet!"

Daniel - Daniel Lopacki Co. - Cliff, New Mexico


"This JAM is fantastic!"

Thomas J. Petsch - Wild & Petsch Lapidaires - Germany


"I love your jam. It's a real toss-up for me between the straight Raspberry (which tastes like berries and only berries) and the raspberry red chile ginger which I love on crackers with cheese. YUM.
Thanks so much for a great local product I can proudly and gladly send to friends all over the world."

Deb R. - New Mexico


"Heidi - your Raspberry Jam is outstanding! I'm cooking Fruit Jams since years, but the flavour of your jam is excellent!"

Marianne Wild - Karl Egon Wild - Germany

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